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Young TREEtment for Climate (6. - 13. 5. 2020, Hight Tatras, Slovakia)

The objectives of our project Young TREEtment for climate is to share ideas of the participants about the issue of forest protection, their importance, the effects of protecting green areas in the cities and nature everywhere and the benefits of sustainable lifestyle. Participants want to become environmentally conscious and active in the area of nature protection. We will use various modern and innovative methods to educate project participants – provide theory but also let them work on exercises individually or in groups, analyse problems, create problemsolution schemes, perform planning exercises. In the workshops, activities they will apply their knowledge on the concrete real-life examples and situations. We will also use the method - learning by doing – activism – planting trees accompanied by forest cleaning. The project will bring together 40 young people form 8 different countries. There will for sure be a lot of teambuilding and opportunities to get to know each other and make new friends.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact us at:  lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz

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GENERATIONS: Intergenerational Dialogue in Rural Tourism (22. - 30. 4. 2020, Romania)

This youth exchange will take place in April 2020 in a small romanian village Cehetel in Transylvania and it will bring together young people from Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. The topic of the project is intergenerational dialogue - the participants are going to meet the people living in the village of all age cathegories, learn about their life in the countryside, its advantages and disadvantages. They are going to find out what kind of problems the people are facing and together with them look for solutions. Another goal of the exchange is to learn about "rural tourism" and it's practices in European countries. The programm doesn't forget about team-building activities, learning about other cultures and rural traditions in various countries.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact us at:  lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz

You can read more information in the infopack:

Nature and Primitive Technology (22. 8. - 1. 9. 2019, Spain)

We spent the last week of August in a small village near León in Spain, where we participated in an Erasmus+ project "Nature and Primitive Technology". Apart from the Czech Republic, also Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece and Finnland were involved in the project. The topics of the project were coming back to primitive technology, the role of nature in today's world, ecology and living in harmony with nature. We were doing many practical workshops - for example creating solar clocks or simple shelters. A couple of times, we made a trip to the mountains and once we went into a cave. We had also national evenings, which gave us the chance to taste traditional food and learn about the cultures and traditional dances of the other countries. We spent one day in the historical town of León, through which leads the "Camino de Santiago". There were a lot of participants at the project, who were really enthusiastic about the topic. I met a lot of interesting people and found new friends.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE

Honza Třeštík


Improve leadership skills through storytelling (24. - 30. 3. 2019, Mersin)

Three youth workers from the Czech Republic participated from 24th to 30th March 2019 in a training course "Improve leadership skills through storytelling", which took place in Mersin, Turkey. There we met with participants from other countries and together we gained new knowledge about leadership and using stories as a tool - no matter if the story is written or presented as drama or narrative. During the week, we learned the principles of leadership, the characteristics of a good leader and learned to share information with others in a diverting way. Thanks to working with international as well as national teams, we were able to get to know each other and learn from one another, share our experiences and skills. During coffee breaks, we could taste foods and drinks typical for the participating countries. Each national team also prepared a short talk about their country. We also got to know Turkey a bit better through an excursion to Mersin, during which we were hosted by the representatives of the city, visited a local musum and tasted "tantuni", which is a dish typical for the region. On the next day, we saw a beautiful dripstone cave west from Tasucu. We came to the project as strangers, but when we were saying goodbye, we were like one big family.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Finger-travelling (24. 7. - 5. 8. 2019, Slavňovice)

During the youth exchange called "Finger-travelling", young people from the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Italy spent 10 days together at our campsite on the bank of the river Lužnice. As the name suggests, we spent the project "travelling" to each of the five participating countries. We spent one day in each of the countries, during which the national teams tried to show us what it's like to live in the country - they tought us national dances and games and we learned a lot about history and culture of those countries. In the afternoons, we cooked traditional dishes for dinner - Czech "štrůdl", Polish pierogy, Spanish omelette, Italian pasta carbonara and Turkish dish with minced meat. On the first day, we made a teambuilding trip to the chain-bridge in Stádlec, in the following days we also visited Tábor and Prague. Except for learning about other cultures, we also learned a lot about living in the countryside - for many of the participants it was the first time they were staying in a tent, walking barefoot in the forest of chopping wood. All of those experiences and new friendships made the ten days we spent together quite unforgettable.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE

You can see all of the pictures from the project here.



Youth exchange IVOTEU19 (17.-24.03.2019, Bratislava)

The youth exchange IVOTEU19 brough together 35 young people from 18 to 28 years of age. The aim of the exchange was to raise the voter turnout in the European elections, which took place two months later. During the 8 days of the project, the participants had enough time to look at the topic of European elections from various points of view - they tried to identify reasons, why the voter turnout is so low in their countries, they discussed about statistics concerning the political situation in EU and they widened their own knowledge of the system of EU and its institutions. A lot of space was dedicated to activities carried out by the participants themselves - each national team prepared a workshop dealing with the current problems of the EU - Brexit, fake news, migration, etc. The participants also experienced a simulation game of EU elections, in which they presented their political party and tried to make it win the election. During the exchange, young people learned to present and support their ideas, understand the system of the EU and feel more like European citizens. After the participants came home, they shared their experience from the project with people around them and made the impact of the project bigger by motivating them to participate in the EU elections in May.

You can read more about the project here.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Summer Camp Adventure (July 2020, Czech Republic)

We have organized the youth exchange Summer Camp Adventure three times already in the past - if you are interested in the past projects, check out the list on the bottom of this site. The project will bring together young people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain to spend two weeks together on our beautiful campsite next to the river Lužnice. At the same time, there will be a summer camp for children running at the campsite and the participants will become a bit of "camp leaders" - they will prepare and organize activities for the children, they will play games with them and help us taking care of them in their free time. They will this way understadn how summer camps are being organized and what it takes to work with children. Each of the nationalities will have their national day, when they will present their culture to the other participants as well as the children and they will also try to cook their national meals for the others. Apart form the programme with children, the participants will have their own activities as well - teambuilding, various games and debates, etc. There will for sure be a trip to Prague and another trip to some other interesting place together with the children.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact us at:  lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz

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Digital Youth (autumn 2020, Turkey)

We have organized a Digital Youth project two times already in Turkey, next year we are going to organize one in Armenia in spring and then in autumn get back to Turkey again. The project has two kinds of aims - the first one is to promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance by using various activities and games. The second one is to teach the participants to use audiovisual technology (camera, computer softwares). In the second half of the project, these two aims connect and the participants get the task to create a short movie with a message about intercultural tolerance and fighting against discrimination. This way, they gain not only the experience connected to creating a movie (preparation, shooting, editing, acting), but they also learn to work in a team under time pressure and plan their work on their own.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact us at:  lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz

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Beginner's Guide to Youth Work (29. 2. - 9. 3. 2020, Czech Republic)

This training course will bring together young people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland and Latvia to spend 8 days working on their leadership skills. As the name suggests, the projects aims at young leaders (16-23 years), who are just starting with youth work and need to gain the basic competences of leadership, organizing activities and taking care of youngsters. During the project, they will try to organize activities on their own, they will gain useful international contacts and become more self-confident and motivated to work with youth. The project will take place in a hotel close to Prague, which gives us the opportunity to explore the Czech capital city in our free time.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact us at:  lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz

You can read more information in the infopack.


Summer Camp Adventure (29. 6. - 13. 7. 2019, Slavňovice)

This year's summer camp was in many ways similar to the previous one - there were again not only Czech leaders taking care of the children, but also people from Slovakia, Poland and Spain, who came thanks to a project under Erasmus+ programme. Also this year, we were "living" a story that unravelled during the whole two weeks. We found ourselves in the fantasy land of J. R. R. Tolkien and we followed the hobbit Bilbo Baggins on his adventurous journey to kill dragon Smaug - we fled from the orcs, we fought with spiders, guessed Gollum's riddles and prepared tea for Beorn. For points they gained in games and competitions, the children could win in three auctions various funny benefits - such as a bed-time song or a private boat trip. Three times, the morning programme was prepared by the leaders from other abroad. We also had the chance to learn more about their countries and taste their typical dishes. We enjoyed three night games, in which the children could test their courage as well as the skill to move silently in the dark. In half of the camp, we made a trip to Bechyně following a beautiful path on the bank of river Lužnice. On the last evening, we symbolically killed the dragon Smaug and burned it's "body" in the campfire.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE

You can see all the pictures from the camp here.


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