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You(th) Play (21. 8. - 2.9. 2018, Slavňovice - Czech Republic)

When this year's summer camp was over, we decided that we wanted to enjoy the beautiful summer weather at our campsite a bit more this year and we managed to organize one more project there before the holidays ended. The youth exchange "You(th) Play" brought together young people from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia and the topic - as is obvious from the name - were games. Our aim was to find out, how much we can learn about each other and about the world around us by playing games. And I must say that it was definitely a lot. We also enjoyed two outdoor games at night and an adventurous game that helped us to get to know the town of Tábor. At the end of the project, we were supposed to create our own games, which was a challenging task, but we had a lot of fun fulfilling it.


You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Summer Camp Adventure (29. 6. - 14. 7. 2019, Czech Republic)

The youth exchange Summer Camp Adventure, which will take place in July 2019, will bring together young people from the Czech Republic, Spain, Poland and Slovakia. The participants of the project will gain a wonderful experience of spending two weeks surrounded by nature on a beautiful campsite on a bank of the river Lužnice in South Bohemia. Simultaneously with the project, there will be also a summer camp for children running at the campsite and the participants will become camp leaders for them - they will learn what it is like to take care of children, prepare games and activities for them, but also to cook and keep the campsite clean. They will learn about other cultures and at the same time share their own culture with the other participants as well as the children. We are definitely looking forward to having a story of the camp, which will be in the background for the whole time and will make our days at the camp more interesting.

If you are interested in joining the project, contact us at: lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz.

Infopack wih more information is coming soon.


Digital Youth (May/June 2019, Armenia)

We have organized a Digital Youth project two times already in Turkey, this time we decided to move the boarders of our intercultural exploration even a bit further and to visit Armenia. The country is changing, but the idea of the project stays the same. There are two kinds of aims - the first one is to promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance by using various activities and games. The second one is to teach the participants to use audiovisual technology (camera, computer softwares). In the second half of the project, these two aims connect and the participants get the task to create a short movie with a message about intercultural tolerance and fighting against discrimination. This way, they gain not only the experience connected to creating a movie (preparation, shooting, editing, acting), but they also learn to work in a team under time pressure and plan their work on their own.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact us at:  lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz

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Respect for Diversity - Everybody's Business (February 2019, Lebanon)

This trainig course for youth workers is going to take place in February 2019 in Lebanon and it will be attended by participants from the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lebanon, Georgia, Tunisia and Jordania. The topic of the project is intercultural dialogue and tolerance towards people that come from different cultures or in any way differ from the majority. At the end of the project, the participants will create and test their own tools that they can later on use in their work with young people. The reason why we are organizing the training in Lebanon is that we believe that since the intercultural dialogue there is more intense than in any european country, the project will have an even deeper impact in these settings.

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EMPathY - Emotional Management, The Path for Youth (20. - 28. 11. 2018, Romania)

The project "EMPathY" consists of two parts - a training course for youth workers and a youth exchange. The training course already took place in September and its aim was to teach the participants how to better understand their feelings and emotions, how to work with them and how to help other people around them. Now we are getting prepared for the youth exchange which will take place in November in Romania and has quite a similar aim - to teach young people to deal with their emotions and to recognize harmful behavioral patterns. The youth is going to come from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Estonia and each group will include one person which attended the training and therefore already has experience with the topic.

You can find more information in the infopack:

Through Outdoor Experiential Learning to The Best of You(th) (Slovensko, 29. 6. - 9. 7. 2018)

From 29th June to 9th July 2018 me and my friend from scout took part in a training course Through Outdoor Experiential Learning to the Best of You(th). This project focused on working with young people in nature and it took place in Slovakia. Every day we were learning how to work with young people and how to organize outdoor activities for them. We experienced many various activities and enjoyed many coffee breaks, during which we could taste food from the countries involved in the project (Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Lithuania, Croatia, Latvia and Estonia). At the end of the project we divided into several international groups and we went hiking for three days in Tatras. On the way we fulfilled various challenges (walking blind for a moment or with bare feet and more). I liked this part of the project the most. One aim of the project was to create an activity for young people, which we will later on implement in our countries.

Týna Bergelová

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Summer Camp Adventure (Slavňovice, 1. - 14. 7. 2018)

This year's summer camp was very successful. We had quite a high number of children and thanks to an Erasmus+ project "Summer Camp Adventure", we could also welcome foreign leaders - this year from Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey. During the 14 days, the children were travelling around the world, visiting various countries, getting to know new cultures and also a little bit of political systems. The children will for sure never forget the visit to North Corea. Besides that, we also took part in a Brazilian carnival, fought with the Russian mafia and learned to create origami in China. In the second week, we also visited the town of Český Krumlov - we visited the gardens next to the chateaux and had lunch right at the castle. Because a professional filmmaker joined us this year, we are happy to have also our first summer camp video.

You can check out photos from the camp here and the video here.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


The Long Way to Europe (Krakow, 11. - 14. 5. 2018)

The second weekend in May, representatives of our organization took part in an international training under the Erasmus+ project "The Long Way to Europe". This time the meeting took place in Krakow, because this place is in many ways connected to antisemitism and holocaust. 28 participants from eight countries got the opportunity to visit Schindler's factory (famous thanks to the Spielberg's movie Schindler's List) and also the most famous concentration camp Auschwitz. The training ended by organizing a street debate in the streets of Krakow, which motivated the participants to be more active in the society when they come home.

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