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Looking for participants: Inclusion with Digital Art

Type of project: youth exchange

Dates: 1. - 9. 10. 2023

Venue: Mersin, Turkey


Digital art, which emerged in the 1960s, was created in order to draw attention to social problems by reaching and influencing large masses of people. Are you interested in social (and societal :)) issues and would like to learn to address them in new, creative ways? Would you like to learn to make an impact on people around you by painting a digital picture or shooting a video? Or are you already experienced in digital art and would like to become more socially active? In the project, you will join like-minded people, exchange experiences and opinions, learn a variety of new skills (creativity, digital skills, communication in English...) and work on interesting art projects. During this process, you will gain new international friends and explore the beautiful city and beaches of Mersin.

We are going to upload the infopack soon. If you already know that you are interested in the project, fill in our application form.

Looking for participants: Skin in the Game

Type of project: training course for youth workers

Dates: 19. - 28. 10. 2023

Venue: Tábor, Czech Republic


The training course „Skin in the Game" will gather young leaders who are starting to be active in youth work and need to gain more experience in order to turn into independent “leaders” that are able to organize activities on their own. Together, participants are going to work on their leaderships and communication skills, get more knowledge about the area of youth work and non formal education, try to organize educational activities on their own and gain confidence and motivation to become active youth workers. The training course is based on principles of non formal education no lectures, lots of various activities and games, hands on experience.

You can find more information and application form in the infopack:

Looking for participants: World in Your Hands

Type of project: Youth Exchange

Dates: 15. - 27. 6. 2023

Venue: Slavňovice, Czech Republic


As our European society is becoming more and more multi- and intercultural, it is becoming more and more important to learn about other countries and cultures and learn how to work with people coming from different backgrounds. After the teambuilding activities are done, we will spend 4 days (since 4 countries are involved in the project) “travelling” to each country and learn about its culture, habits, languages and more directly from the people that actually live there in an interesting and playful way. This way, the participants of the project will also gain valuable experience of organizing non-formal learning activities for other people, taking responsibilities and become confident leaders.

You can find more information in the infopack:

Move in a Green Way (strategic partnership, 2021-22)

In the years 2021 and 2022, our organization took part in a strategic partnership project named "Move in a Green Way". Together with our colleagues from Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania and Turkey, we were studying eco-friendly practices in the field of sport. Each country focused on a different sport, we - for example - were examining sustainability in tennis. As a result of the project, we created a brochure that sums up our findings. You can read it in English HERE. You can also check out the project website for more information.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE