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Looking for participants: Digital Readiness in Youth Work

We are launching a new year-long project aimed at improving the skills of youth workers to use various digital tools in their activities and to promote their organisation - Digital Readiness in Youth Work.

In cooperation with partner organisations from Poland, Italy, Romania and Turkey, we will organise 3 "Learning-Teaching-Training Activities", which will build on each other, each of them will present different digital tools to the participants.

The dates of the LTT-Activities are as follows:

  • 21st - 26th March 2023 (Poland)
  • 15th - 21st May 2023 (Turkey)
  • 27th September - 3rd October (Czech Republic)

We prefer participants who can attend all dates. But is you are interested, apply anyway! We can also have you as a substitute. :)

More information and application form here:

Looking for participants: Connect for Impact

Type of project: training course for youth workers

Dates: 3. - 10. 5. 2024

Venue: Tábor, Czech Republic

Project content:

“Connect for Impact” is a training course focused on networking, which aims to connect youth workers from different youth organizations in order to:

  • Form new partnerships and develop project ideas.

  • Exchange good practices and inspire each other.

  • Gain new motivation and “drive” for their work on youth projects.

You can find more information in the infopack:

Move in a Green Way (strategic partnership, 2021-22)

In the years 2021 and 2022, our organization took part in a strategic partnership project named "Move in a Green Way". Together with our colleagues from Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania and Turkey, we were studying eco-friendly practices in the field of sport. Each country focused on a different sport, we - for example - were examining sustainability in tennis. As a result of the project, we created a brochure that sums up our findings. You can read it in English HERE. You can also check out the project website for more information.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE