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Summer Camp Adventure (29. 6. - 13. 7. 2019, Slavňovice)

This year's summer camp was in many ways similar to the previous one - there were again not only Czech leaders taking care of the children, but also people from Slovakia, Poland and Spain, who came thanks to a project under Erasmus+ programme. Also this year, we were "living" a story that unravelled during the whole two weeks. We found ourselves in the fantasy land of J. R. R. Tolkien and we followed the hobbit Bilbo Baggins on his adventurous journey to kill dragon Smaug - we fled from the orcs, we fought with spiders, guessed Gollum's riddles and prepared tea for Beorn. For points they gained in games and competitions, the children could win in three auctions various funny benefits - such as a bed-time song or a private boat trip. Three times, the morning programme was prepared by the leaders from other abroad. We also had the chance to learn more about their countries and taste their typical dishes. We enjoyed three night games, in which the children could test their courage as well as the skill to move silently in the dark. In half of the camp, we made a trip to Bechyně following a beautiful path on the bank of river Lužnice. On the last evening, we symbolically killed the dragon Smaug and burned it's "body" in the campfire.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE

You can see all the pictures from the camp here.



Critical Thinking Youth FORCE (25. 4. - 5. 5. 2019, Riga)

Projekt Erasmus+ v lotyšské Rize nesl téma médií a dal si za úkol přiblížit svým účastníkům kritické myšlení. O to se jeho pořadatelé, po prvotním seznámení s příchozími, snažili v průběhu několika lekcí. Studenti tak poslouchali třeba přednášky lidí z oboru, kteří jim prezentovali samotnou práci v médiích nebo se snažili pochopit koncept kritického myšlení a jeho praktického využití. Nevyhnuli se ani interaktivním "sessions", kdy měli dříve vyslechnuté využít na reálných případech, případně se snažili rozvinout samotné koncepty, za účelem jejich bližšího pochopení. Osvěžením večerů byly mezinárodní večery, které se u publika setkaly, i přes prvotní neshody mezi organizátory, s úspěchem. Celý projekt byl proložen několikerými výjezdy do centra lotyšského hlavního města, ve kterém proběhl city quest, hra ve městě. Netradiční zážitková turistika tak nechyběla ani na tomto projektu.

Roman Jordán, the group leader


The Long Way to Europe (2017 - 2019)

After two years, we are right now finishing a project "The Long Way to Europe", in which our organization was involved as a partner. The aim was to raise awareness of young people about European Union, its history and common values. The project was inspired by the story of Zivi Miller - a Jewish street painter originally from Romania, who escaped from Auschwitz during WW2, went to Italy and spent 6 months on Cyprus as a prisoner of the British army before he managed to get to Izrael. The 4 international meetings of the project were located in the countries of Zivi's journey - in Romania, Poland, Italy and Cyprus. During each of them, the participants discussed a topic connected to the EU and organized a "street debate", during which they asked random people about their opinions, learned to confront their viewpoints, discuss and share their ideas. When the participants came home from each meeting, they organized a similar street debate in their town, which brought the impact of the project into the local level in various countries.

You can read more about the project here:



Stay Together in Solidarity (October 2019, Albania and December 2019, Italy)

The project is going to consist of 2 parts:

A 5 days travelling study trip in the 3rd week of October in Albania. The study trip aims to present and learn from the best experiences of ECS sending/hosting organizations from Albania and who are working with disadvantaged groups. During the study trip, we visit experience ECS organizations who are located in Tirana, Shkodra and Fieri. Each partner can send 2 participants to the study visit and send 1 person to the CMS.

A 5 days contact making seminar (CMS) in the Naples region (Italy) in the first week of December. The CMS offers open space to share best practices and new idea and methods in the field of sending/hosting of ECS and youth work. The CMS aims to build strong partnerships and cooperation, to promote developing of different Erasmus+ projects among youth organizations. We aim further to promote and encourage young people to participate as ECS, especially those from EU countries to the Balkan countries and the other way around.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact us at:  lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz

Infopack is coming soon.


Dance It Out (12. - 19. 7. 2019, Slovakia)

The youth exchange "Dance It Out", that will take place in July 2019 in Slovakia aims to promote healthy lifestyle amongst the participants and there are going to be many various activities and methods in order to fulfil this goal. During the project, the participants will learn the basics of Zumba well enough to be able to practice it later and use it to keep healthy and fit. The programme includes also learning about nutrition and preparation of healthy snacks. Other activities are for example role-play, storytelling and there will for sure be many occasions to meet and interact with the local people and explore the city of Košice - the programme will for sure be very diverse. In the end, the participants will think about how to promote healthy lifestyle in their communities and create concrete plans. The project will gather young people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain and Croatia, so there will for sure be a lot of space for exploring different cultures.

If you are interested in joining the project, please contact us at: lukas.dumsky@centrum.cz

You can learn more about the project in the infopack:


Respect for Diversity - Everybody's Business (8. - 14. 2. 2019, Beirut)

After organizing two projects in Turkey, we decided that we are ready for - at least from a geographical point of view - a bigger challenge and we applied for a project to take place in Lebanon. Our partners were our favourite trainer Ieva and NGO Amel Association International, that provided great logistical support. The aim of the project was to explore the concept of diversity and to learn to lead young people to see it as a value and not a threat. The diversity in the project itself was very high because apart from Europeans, there were also participants from Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Morocco and Jordan, which gave us a lot of opportunities for intercultural dialogue. There were many practical parts in the programme of the seminar - we organized short games for children in a refugee camp and a living library in the centre of Amel Association. We also visited the ancient town of Byblos and a detention centre where Lebanese soldiers used to be imprisoned by the Israeli. While evaluating the project, you could hear words as "unforgettable" and "life-changing" and we do believe that our adventure in Lebanon will stay in us and will keep forming our personalities long after we return home to our everyday routines.

Here you can read a perfectly detailed article about the project written by Lada, one of the Czech participants.

If you want to learn more about the Amel Association that was hosting us in Beirut, you can check out their website.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE



Kulturní toulky po Praze (2.2. 2019, Praha)

On 2. 2. 2019, we (six members of our organization) organized a trip to Prague in order to educate ourselves a little bit. We went to the National Memorial on Vítkov Hill and visited exhibitions connected to the history of Czechoslovakia - we saw pictures from the fighting at National Radio in 1989, we saw the last letter of Milada Horáková and much more. The most interesting was probably information about Klement Gottwald's mausoleum and his sloppy mummification. After lunch, we went to the National Gallery for an exhibition of Salvador Dalí and competed, who understands him the least. Before we went home, we managed to have a cup of coffee/hot chocolate and talk a little (also about the programme of this year's summer camp).


You can see photos from the gallery HERE


"EMpathY Emotional Management - The Path for Youth" (20. - 28. 11. 2018, Rumunsko)

In November 2018, the second part of the "Empathy" project took place in Romania, this time it was a youth exchange. The young people learned to better work with their emotions and their group leaders learned to teach them these abilities. The leader of the Czech group was Nikol, who the youngsters grew to love more or less as much as me and Jája in September. The programme involved energizers, discussions, cultural evenings and a trip to the town of Sighisoara - the birth place of count Dracula. Because the Czech group was coming form different parts of the Czech Republic, they had a lot of fun getting to know other dialects.


You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Digital Youth (15. - 25. 10. 2018, Turkey)

Because we really enjoyed the Digital Youth project, which we organized in October 2017, we decided to carry it out once more a year later. Our steps lead again to Turkey, this time to the touristic destination of Alanya. During the project, we organized a lot of non-formal learning activities in order to get familiar with the topics of intercultural dialogue and tolerance and we played various games in order to experience as much as possible on our own skin. At the same time, we had the opportunity to learn how to use the audiovisual equipment in various workshops carried out by professional filmmakers. In the second half of the project, we divided into filmmaking teams and each of the teams created their own film - there were 6 of them in total plus Aftermovie (a kind of "behind the scenes"). In our free time, we were getting to know each other, making friends, chilled at the beach and on the last day, we made a trip to explore the town of Alanya. On the last evening of the project, the moment we all expected finally took place and we watched the created movies. They were just as awesome as we expected them to be. We had a great time at the project and we are very much looking forward to making more movies in May in Armenia.


You can check out the movies here.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE

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