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Summer Camp / Dumánci

Summer Camp in the Centre of Europe 2020

Participants: Young people between 10 and 17 years
Date: 28. 6. - 11. 7. 2019
Place: Czech Republic
Accommodation: tents with wooden walls

This summer camp in the countryside is a great opportunity for young people to improve their English and find friends from different countries. The main idea is spending time playing games, making workshops, doing sports and experiencing adventures with children of the same age from at least three different states. Communication in English is fundamental in the activities – everybody does their best to be able to speak and to be understood.

A wide range of games teaches the children to work in teams, when they have to communicate with each other only in English. They learn to win and accept failure. It is a wonderful opportunity for young people to spend time in contact with the nature and enjoy activities in the fresh air. With the river next to the camp, it is possible to go swimming, canoeing and play a variety of water games. A lot of games and competitions also take place in the forest, where the children can practice their orientation and physical fitness. When the weather is not in our favor, we can always go inside and play a lot of board games, which we all enjoy.

In the evening we usually gather around a campfire, where we talk, laugh and sing songs with guitars all together.

The summer camp takes place in a quiet zone in the countryside in the south of the Czech Republic about 100 km from Prague. It is held by a Czech organization that is dedicated to working with young people in a non-formal way of education. They have experience with intercultural summer camps, have participated in several Erasmus+ projects and also organized one in the local town.

You can have a look at some photos from previous summer camps in the gallery.

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