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About us

TOM Dumánci has their base on the borderline between central and south Bohemia. Every year we hold two children summer camp sessions. Besides that we also organize various trips and weekend activities full of outside and board games a couple times a year.

Year by year our group becomes more and more involved in international activities. We have already organized around 15 Erasmus+ projects for youth workers and for the following year we have many more planned.


From the history of the group

TOM Dumánci has a short, but quite a rich history. Unofficially it was established in 2008 in order to create a group that would gather teenage people from different summer camps in the area. Over the first years of its existence the group organized (and we still do) various weekend events for older children full of games. At the beginning of 2010, Dumánci started their official activity. The name of the group was determined spontaneously based on the name of our favourite game. We became a part of an association of tourist groups and made use of the opportunity to take over a session by the Trkov pound. This traditional campsite has been hosting summer camps for almost 20 years and most of our leaders used to go there when they were little. Our first summer camps there were even more successful than we expected and gave us a strong motivation to keep organizing them. As our group grew bigger, the Trkov campsite started to be too little for us. We were looking for a new place, where we could keep our material and also a campsite, where we could hold more than one session a year. We found such place in 2012 on the bank of the river Lužnice near the village Slavňovice. This place used to be a popular campsite owned by the University of Economy. But they started to lose interest in the place and so a great opportunity for us to buy it came up. Despite of the flood, in 2013 we managed to hold two camp sessions there, which both lasted three weeks. Another big leap was in 2015. Besides the fact that we managed to hold our first international summer camp session hosting children from Spain and one leader from Slovakia, our group participated in an international training course in Estonia and also held one training course for youth workers in the Czech Republic. It was prepared by experienced trainers from Latvia and Romania and 26 youth workers from 10 European countries took part in it. Last year we hosted a similar project. This year we hosted our so far biggest event - a 14 days long youth exchange for people interested in filmmaking. 50 participants from 7 european countries and Turkey created together 6 short movies, which were first shown at FAMU in Prague and now they will be seen at a festival of short films in Detmold. This year we are going to organize three more projects for young people and youth workers as well.

Visions into the future

A big challenge for us is again the first summer camp session. This year we are expecting to welcome at least 30 children from more than three countries. But the second session for younger children is also definitely not going to be neglected.

In 2016 we would like to organize two international projects for youth workers in the Czech Republic.

We are also motivated to start working with children over the whole year in the city of Tábor.

Camp leader Lukáš Dumský alias Dum

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