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Nature and Primitive Technology (19. - 31. 8. 2020, Slavňovice)

Although the situation was quite tense until the very last moment, eventually, we managed to organize one more youth exchange at the end of the summer holiday. This time, the main topic was learning to live (and survive) in nature with using technology as little as possible, which is our main area of expertise. :) The participants from the Czech Republic, Croatia and Spain were developing a number of various skills - making a fire, using a canoe, moving around in a forest, recognizing edible mushrooms, etc. Together, they built a very nice wooden shelter and a sauna, which they used with great enthusiasm. The programme was lead mainly by our Spanish friend Isaac, who conducted debates about social issues and minimalistic way of life. The most impressive experience was without doubt the trip to the castle ruins in Příběnice, where we spent the night under the stars - we had sausages for dinner and spent a long time sitting by the fire, talking and enjoying the unique atmosphere of the old ruins. During the project, we also organized trips to Prague and Tábor - as always coming back to the campsite along the beautiful path next to the river Lužnice. We are happy we managed to spend the rest of the summer in a productive and cheerful way.

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Summer Camp Adventure (26. 6. - 12. 7. 2020, Slavňovice, Czech Republic)

Even though we were a bit stressed about the pandemic, we eventually managed to organize an internationational summer camp (as we have been doing for many years now). The Erasmus+ youth exchange was attended by participants from Spain, Slovakia and even three Turkish participants, who were studying in Slovakia by that time. The programme of the youth exchange was quite rich. The participants were spending some time with the children, playing games prepared by us, such as the "good deeds" game, during which they explored the local neighborhood and interacted with the locals. A couple of times, they also prepared their own activities for the children - a "station rotation" with funny tasks, a night game teaching the children about archetypes, etc. With the Spanish leader Isaac, they experienced various activities and debates aiming to promote critical thinking, self-esteem and communication skills. Apart from these activities at the campsite, we also organized a trip to a nearby ruin Příběnice, to Tábor and to Prague. In our free time, we enjoyed swimming in the river, canoeing, volleyball and other outdoor activities and games. We enjoyed four national evenings, during which we learned about the cultures of the Czech republic, Spain, Slovakia and Turkey and tasted their traditional dishes. Overall, we had a good time and brought home many nice memories and valueable experiences.

You can check out the photos here.


Beginner's Guide to Youth Work (1. - 8. 3. 2020, Říčany, Česká republika)

Me and my colleague Isaac had been preparing this project since October and we were looking forward to it so much. It was a training course that gathered young people, who are just starting to work with youth and need to gain basic experience to build on. The morning parts of the programme were usually focusing on "leadership", the participants practiced their communication skills and discussed about the issues young people are facing in the contemporary world. The afternoon programme was about youth work - the participants presented their NGOs to the others, they themselves organized educational activities for others and tried to write their own Erasmus+ projects. To have a bit of a rest from the demanding programme, we organized a trip to Prague and also a variety of team-building games. We had the luck to gather a group of very motivated and active young people and we had a lot of fun working with them. Every evening, when we were sharing our "happy moments of the day", we had a lot of things to talk and laugh about.

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Nature and Primitive Technology (22. 8. - 1. 9. 2019, Spain)

We spent the last week of August in a small village near León in Spain, where we participated in an Erasmus+ project "Nature and Primitive Technology". Apart from the Czech Republic, also Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece and Finnland were involved in the project. The topics of the project were coming back to primitive technology, the role of nature in today's world, ecology and living in harmony with nature. We were doing many practical workshops - for example creating solar clocks or simple shelters. A couple of times, we made a trip to the mountains and once we went into a cave. We had also national evenings, which gave us the chance to taste traditional food and learn about the cultures and traditional dances of the other countries. We spent one day in the historical town of León, through which leads the "Camino de Santiago". There were a lot of participants at the project, who were really enthusiastic about the topic. I met a lot of interesting people and found new friends.

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Honza Třeštík


Finger-travelling (24. 7. - 5. 8. 2019, Slavňovice)

During the youth exchange called "Finger-travelling", young people from the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Italy spent 10 days together at our campsite on the bank of the river Lužnice. As the name suggests, we spent the project "travelling" to each of the five participating countries. We spent one day in each of the countries, during which the national teams tried to show us what it's like to live in the country - they tought us national dances and games and we learned a lot about history and culture of those countries. In the afternoons, we cooked traditional dishes for dinner - Czech "štrůdl", Polish pierogy, Spanish omelette, Italian pasta carbonara and Turkish dish with minced meat. On the first day, we made a teambuilding trip to the chain-bridge in Stádlec, in the following days we also visited Tábor and Prague. Except for learning about other cultures, we also learned a lot about living in the countryside - for many of the participants it was the first time they were staying in a tent, walking barefoot in the forest of chopping wood. All of those experiences and new friendships made the ten days we spent together quite unforgettable.

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You can see all of the pictures from the project here.



Summer Camp Adventure (29. 6. - 13. 7. 2019, Slavňovice)

This year's summer camp was in many ways similar to the previous one - there were again not only Czech leaders taking care of the children, but also people from Slovakia, Poland and Spain, who came thanks to a project under Erasmus+ programme. Also this year, we were "living" a story that unravelled during the whole two weeks. We found ourselves in the fantasy land of J. R. R. Tolkien and we followed the hobbit Bilbo Baggins on his adventurous journey to kill dragon Smaug - we fled from the orcs, we fought with spiders, guessed Gollum's riddles and prepared tea for Beorn. For points they gained in games and competitions, the children could win in three auctions various funny benefits - such as a bed-time song or a private boat trip. Three times, the morning programme was prepared by the leaders from other abroad. We also had the chance to learn more about their countries and taste their typical dishes. We enjoyed three night games, in which the children could test their courage as well as the skill to move silently in the dark. In half of the camp, we made a trip to Bechyně following a beautiful path on the bank of river Lužnice. On the last evening, we symbolically killed the dragon Smaug and burned it's "body" in the campfire.

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You can see all the pictures from the camp here.



Critical Thinking Youth FORCE (25. 4. - 5. 5. 2019, Riga)

This Erasmus+ project in Riga focused on the topic of media and it's aim was to teach the participants to think critically. After the phase of getting to know each other, we were altogether trying to achieve this goal. We listened to lectures of people working in the field, who presented their work in media and also the importance of critical thiking. We had also interactive sessions, in which we were supposed to use the information we heard and apply it to concrete cases. We organized intercultural evenings, that were successful (although they didn't come without a few misunderstandings). During the project, we made a few trips to the center of Riga and played a city quest. 

Roman Jordán, the group leader


Improve leadership skills through storytelling (24. - 30. 3. 2019, Mersin)

Three youth workers from the Czech Republic participated from 24th to 30th March 2019 in a training course "Improve leadership skills through storytelling", which took place in Mersin, Turkey. There we met with participants from other countries and together we gained new knowledge about leadership and using stories as a tool - no matter if the story is written or presented as drama or narrative. During the week, we learned the principles of leadership, the characteristics of a good leader and learned to share information with others in a diverting way. Thanks to working with international as well as national teams, we were able to get to know each other and learn from one another, share our experiences and skills. During coffee breaks, we could taste foods and drinks typical for the participating countries. Each national team also prepared a short talk about their country. We also got to know Turkey a bit better through an excursion to Mersin, during which we were hosted by the representatives of the city, visited a local musum and tasted "tantuni", which is a dish typical for the region. On the next day, we saw a beautiful dripstone cave west from Tasucu. We came to the project as strangers, but when we were saying goodbye, we were like one big family.

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Youth exchange IVOTEU19 (17.-24.03.2019, Bratislava)

The youth exchange IVOTEU19 brough together 35 young people from 18 to 28 years of age. The aim of the exchange was to raise the voter turnout in the European elections, which took place two months later. During the 8 days of the project, the participants had enough time to look at the topic of European elections from various points of view - they tried to identify reasons, why the voter turnout is so low in their countries, they discussed about statistics concerning the political situation in EU and they widened their own knowledge of the system of EU and its institutions. A lot of space was dedicated to activities carried out by the participants themselves - each national team prepared a workshop dealing with the current problems of the EU - Brexit, fake news, migration, etc. The participants also experienced a simulation game of EU elections, in which they presented their political party and tried to make it win the election. During the exchange, young people learned to present and support their ideas, understand the system of the EU and feel more like European citizens. After the participants came home, they shared their experience from the project with people around them and made the impact of the project bigger by motivating them to participate in the EU elections in May.

You can read more about the project here.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


The Long Way to Europe (2017 - 2019)

After two years, we are right now finishing a project "The Long Way to Europe", in which our organization was involved as a partner. The aim was to raise awareness of young people about European Union, its history and common values. The project was inspired by the story of Zivi Miller - a Jewish street painter originally from Romania, who escaped from Auschwitz during WW2, went to Italy and spent 6 months on Cyprus as a prisoner of the British army before he managed to get to Izrael. The 4 international meetings of the project were located in the countries of Zivi's journey - in Romania, Poland, Italy and Cyprus. During each of them, the participants discussed a topic connected to the EU and organized a "street debate", during which they asked random people about their opinions, learned to confront their viewpoints, discuss and share their ideas. When the participants came home from each meeting, they organized a similar street debate in their town, which brought the impact of the project into the local level in various countries.

You can read more about the project here:


Respect for Diversity - Everybody's Business (8. - 14. 2. 2019, Beirut)

After organizing two projects in Turkey, we decided that we are ready for - at least from a geographical point of view - a bigger challenge and we applied for a project to take place in Lebanon. Our partners were our favourite trainer Ieva and NGO Amel Association International, that provided great logistical support. The aim of the project was to explore the concept of diversity and to learn to lead young people to see it as a value and not a threat. The diversity in the project itself was very high because apart from Europeans, there were also participants from Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Morocco and Jordan, which gave us a lot of opportunities for intercultural dialogue. There were many practical parts in the programme of the seminar - we organized short games for children in a refugee camp and a living library in the centre of Amel Association. We also visited the ancient town of Byblos and a detention centre where Lebanese soldiers used to be imprisoned by the Israeli. While evaluating the project, you could hear words as "unforgettable" and "life-changing" and we do believe that our adventure in Lebanon will stay in us and will keep forming our personalities long after we return home to our everyday routines.

Here you can read a perfectly detailed article about the project written by Lada, one of the Czech participants.

If you want to learn more about the Amel Association that was hosting us in Beirut, you can check out their website.

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Kulturní toulky po Praze (2.2. 2019, Praha)

On 2. 2. 2019, we (six members of our organization) organized a trip to Prague in order to educate ourselves a little bit. We went to the National Memorial on Vítkov Hill and visited exhibitions connected to the history of Czechoslovakia - we saw pictures from the fighting at National Radio in 1989, we saw the last letter of Milada Horáková and much more. The most interesting was probably information about Klement Gottwald's mausoleum and his sloppy mummification. After lunch, we went to the National Gallery for an exhibition of Salvador Dalí and competed, who understands him the least. Before we went home, we managed to have a cup of coffee/hot chocolate and talk a little (also about the programme of this year's summer camp).


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"EMpathY Emotional Management - The Path for Youth" (20. - 28. 11. 2018, Rumunsko)

In November 2018, the second part of the "Empathy" project took place in Romania, this time it was a youth exchange. The young people learned to better work with their emotions and their group leaders learned to teach them these abilities. The leader of the Czech group was Nikol, who the youngsters grew to love more or less as much as me and Jája in September. The programme involved energizers, discussions, cultural evenings and a trip to the town of Sighisoara - the birth place of count Dracula. Because the Czech group was coming form different parts of the Czech Republic, they had a lot of fun getting to know other dialects.


You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Digital Youth (15. - 25. 10. 2018, Turkey)

Because we really enjoyed the Digital Youth project, which we organized in October 2017, we decided to carry it out once more a year later. Our steps lead again to Turkey, this time to the touristic destination of Alanya. During the project, we organized a lot of non-formal learning activities in order to get familiar with the topics of intercultural dialogue and tolerance and we played various games in order to experience as much as possible on our own skin. At the same time, we had the opportunity to learn how to use the audiovisual equipment in various workshops carried out by professional filmmakers. In the second half of the project, we divided into filmmaking teams and each of the teams created their own film - there were 6 of them in total plus Aftermovie (a kind of "behind the scenes"). In our free time, we were getting to know each other, making friends, chilled at the beach and on the last day, we made a trip to explore the town of Alanya. On the last evening of the project, the moment we all expected finally took place and we watched the created movies. They were just as awesome as we expected them to be. We had a great time at the project and we are very much looking forward to making more movies in May in Armenia.


You can check out the movies here.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Green Youth Media (7. - 12. 10. 2018, Turkey)

Between 7th and 12th October, I took part in a training course Green Youth Media on the Turkish island of Gökçiada. As you can see from the name, the main topic of the course was building awareness about ecology amongst young people via media. The place where the project took place had its reason, this island in the north of Turkey is very naturally interesting, mainly geologically, the local government is trying to maintain sustainable tourism and protect the environment. The project was five days long and there were participants from the Czech Republic, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania, Greece, Spain and Turkey. At the beginning we did teambuilding activities, then we had theoretical lessons with our trainer Bruno. We digged deeper into the topic of media and communication, using the potential of web tools and social networks and acquiring digital competences. The whole course was based on our own initiative, we also had workshops about environmental activism, social media, graphic design, etc. We also visited several local institutions. The project was a good inspiration for more environmental projects on a bigger scale, as the island itself provides a lot of inspiration.

participant of the project Vít Votroubek

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"EMpathY Emotional Management - The Path for Youth" (19. - 26. 9. 2018, Romania)

In September 2018, me, Jája and Nikol (who we found on the internet and immediately liked a lot) travelled to Romania to attend a training course for youth workers "EMPathY", in which we dealed with the topic of emotional management. From our trainer Oscar, we learned how to better work with our emotions and listen to the feelings of others, which will be very useful for us when working with young people in the future. In our free time, we had a lot of fun and also explored the beautiful countryside in the mountains, went to see the sunrise and visited a local truffle "farm". One day we also made a trip to Sighisoara and learned about its history. Me and Nikol also will probably never forget our trip to Cluj and sleeping at the airport in Bucharest and Jája her journey to Romania by train - sometimes you have to learn the hard way.


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You(th) Play (21. 8. - 2.9. 2018, Slavňovice - Czech Republic)

When this year's summer camp was over, we decided that we wanted to enjoy the beautiful summer weather at our campsite a bit more this year and we managed to organize one more project there before the holidays ended. The youth exchange "You(th) Play" brought together young people from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia and the topic - as is obvious from the name - were games. Our aim was to find out, how much we can learn about each other and about the world around us by playing games. And I must say that it was definitely a lot. We also enjoyed two outdoor games at night and an adventurous game that helped us to get to know the town of Tábor. At the end of the project, we were supposed to create our own games, which was a challenging task, but we had a lot of fun fulfilling it.


You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Summer Camp Adventure (Slavňovice, 1. - 14. 7. 2018)

This year's summer camp was very successful. We had quite a high number of children and thanks to an Erasmus+ project "Summer Camp Adventure", we could also welcome foreign leaders - this year from Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey. During the 14 days, the children were travelling around the world, visiting various countries, getting to know new cultures and also a little bit of political systems. The children will for sure never forget the visit to North Corea. Besides that, we also took part in a Brazilian carnival, fought with the Russian mafia and learned to create origami in China. In the second week, we also visited the town of Český Krumlov - we visited the gardens next to the chateaux and had lunch right at the castle. Because a professional filmmaker joined us this year, we are happy to have also our first summer camp video.

You can check out photos from the camp here and the video here.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Through Outdoor Experiential Learning to The Best of You(th) (Slovensko, 29. 6. - 9. 7. 2018)

From 29th June to 9th July 2018 me and my friend from scout took part in a training course Through Outdoor Experiential Learning to the Best of You(th). This project focused on working with young people in nature and it took place in Slovakia. Every day we were learning how to work with young people and how to organize outdoor activities for them. We experienced many various activities and enjoyed many coffee breaks, during which we could taste food from the countries involved in the project (Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Lithuania, Croatia, Latvia and Estonia). At the end of the project we divided into several international groups and we went hiking for three days in Tatras. On the way we fulfilled various challenges (walking blind for a moment or with bare feet and more). I liked this part of the project the most. One aim of the project was to create an activity for young people, which we will later on implement in our countries.

Týna Bergelová

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The Long Way to Europe (Krakow, 11. - 14. 5. 2018)

The second weekend in May, representatives of our organization took part in an international training under the Erasmus+ project "The Long Way to Europe". This time the meeting took place in Krakow, because this place is in many ways connected to antisemitism and holocaust. 28 participants from eight countries got the opportunity to visit Schindler's factory (famous thanks to the Spielberg's movie Schindler's List) and also the most famous concentration camp Auschwitz. The training ended by organizing a street debate in the streets of Krakow, which motivated the participants to be more active in the society when they come home.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Street debate (Sedlčany, 12. 5. 2018)

On the 12th of May, we organized our first "street debate" as a part of an Erasmus+ project "The Long Way to Europe", which motivates young people to be more interested in what is happening in their countries and to take an active part in the society. The topic of this first debate was "difference" and our aim was to create a debate about this topic amongst random people on the street who would normally never start talking to each other. We - me (Mája), Eva Pešková, Míra Krampera and Petr Čáp - met in the morning on the square in Sedlčany, brought a big board and on it, we hung the question "Have you ever felt "different"? When?" Then we asked random people on the square and wrote their answers on the board - this way we created a kind of a collage of various experiences with "being different", which the passers-by could read and think about. The whole time there was a nice and friendly atmosphere, we enjoyed the time together and gained experiences, which we are going to use in the next debates we organize.

You can see photos from the gallery HERE


Training course "Games for Change" (Říčany, February 2018)

In the first week of February we organized a training course for youth workers named "Games for Change" in Říčany, Czech Republic. The participants had a great opportunity to learn to use games as a method in non-formal education and also as a tool for spreading tolerance and inclusion. People from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Spain and Turkey took part in the project. After the theoretical part of the project and a half-day excursion to Prague, which everybody enjoyed quite a lot, the participants got the chance to put into practice what they learned and create their own educational game. And the results were very interesting - besides using the knowledge and skills they gained during the project, they also used a lot of their own creativity and originality. The project brought together a group of great people enthusiastic about games and so we spent most of the free time playing board as well as non-board games and we had a lot of fun and gained new contacts as well as good friends.

Photos from the project are in the gallery.


Erasmus Plus for young eco-entrepreneurs (Říčany, November 2017)

In November 2017 we hosted our last project of the year. It was a youth exchange named "Eco Possibilities for Entrepreneurship", which was attended by young people from Spain, Slovakia, Turkey and the Czech Republic. By using the method of various games, discussions and "learning by doing" they learned about ecology and entrepreneurship and tried to find ways to combine these two areas and create their own business, which would be not only successful, but also eco-friendly. There was enough time left also for teambuilding activities, a trip to Prague and to a bio-bakery Zemanka and intercultural evenings, which everybody liked a lot. At the end of the project, we went to the local high school, where we talked to the students not only about eco-entrepreneurship, but also about Erasmus+ and the opportunities it gives to young people. The project had a very nice and friendly atmosphere, we had a lot of fun and made many new friends.

You can check out pictures from the project in the gallery.

Also, more pictures can be found here.

If you are interested in more details about the project, have a look at the bulletin:


Erasmus+ project "Digital Youth" (Patara - Turkey, October 2017)

In October 2017 we organized our first international project outside of the Czech Republic. Between 11th and 19th October we met in a Turkish town of Patara with more than 30 people from Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Latvia, who work with young people and want to broaden their horizons in this area. This time the topic of the training was using audiovisual technologies as a tool for making young people more interested in other cultures and make them more tolerant towards people who are different. During the first days the participants discussed about intercultural learning and youth work and at the same time learned to use a camera and shoot and edit videos. At the end they split into groups and created five original short movies that somehow address the topic of intercultural diversity. And because everybody worked hard and with a lot of enthusiasm, we also had the time to explore Turkish nature and culture - we visited a traditional bazar, a ruin of ancient parliament and on the last day we went canoeing. We are now enriched by new experiences, but also new friendships and common plans for the future.

You can see the movies frome the project here.

For photos, check out the gallery or here.


Erasmus+ project "Feeling Outdoor" (Radostovice, August 2017)

In August 2017 we organized our third training course for youth workers, this time the topic was "outdoor activities". 26 participants from the Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Spain and Portugal discovered during the 8 days of the project their relationship with nature and the main theories about learning in/from nature. We tried for example acrobatic yoga, walking on ropes and night games in the forest. The second half of the project was more practical - the participants tried to organize their own outdoor activities for children. The most interesting part of the project was undoubtedly the night hike, during which the participants slept in the nature, walked at least 20 kilometres and also fulfilled challenges that they chose - walk one hour without shoes or blindfolded, swim in a lake, talk to the local people and so on. During this project we continued designig ideas for our future activities and so we can be looking forward to meeting some of our new friends soon.

Photos from the project here.




Summer camp (Slavňovice, July 2017)

This year, our summer camp was a bit of an experiment, since we had made two significant changes in the way of organization. The first one was joining the two terms (for younger and older kids) into one. The second change was taking the international side of our camp to the next level by connecting it with a youth exchange under Erasmus+ programme, which was called "Summer camp adventure". This way, we could use the help and enthusiasm of 18 young leaders from the Czech republic, Slovakia and Spain. They were accommodated in the two cabins on the other side of the river and their main programme was exploring what being a youth worker/camp leader is about, what it is like to organize games and activities for children, but also taking care of themselves, cooking their own dinner, etc. It was a great opportunity for them to experience life in the middle of the Czech countryside, learn to canoe (God knows it wasn't easy), etc. During the camp we also organized a trip to Tábor, where the kids as well as the foreign leaders could explore the historical sights and Czech culture and then challenge themselves a little bit by walking back to the campsite. As a reward, they organized for the children Spanish and Slovakian evenings, in which they introduced to them their food, music, languages... On one rainy day we also had a movie marathon of animated movies. For next year, we have this project already approved, this time we will host also young people from Finland and Italy. 

You can find all the pictures from the project here.

And some of them also in the gallery.


Get Your Own Picture (Říčany, May 2017)

From 14th to 27th May 2017 we hosted an Erasmus+ project in Prague, that was called Get Your Own Picture. We had planned it together with our partners from Turkey and Germany, who already have a lot of experience with similar projects. 50 young people from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Greece and Spain took part in the project. After three days of ice-breaking games and theoretical workshops, they started fulfilling the task for which they came - to shoot their own short movie. They were divided into groups and they could try to be in different positions - somebody got the role of director, then there were producers, cameramans and so on. The participants had the opportunity to explore Prague and to shoot their movies there. After ten days of work we celebrated our success by looking at our movies projected in a cinema at FAMU. With the same partners we are already planing more project for the future and we are looking forward to more similar experiences.

Here you can find pictures and video from the project.

Here are the movies that we created.


Erasmus+ in Turkey (Antalya - Turecko, April 2017)

Training course named "Multipliers of Non Formal & Intercultural Communication" that took place from 15th to 23rd April in the Turkish city of Antalya was attended by four Czech participants from our organization. During a week full of non-formal learning we learned how to work with prejudices and intercultural stereotypes, we got to know how to approach topics such as discrimination, social exclusion, our identity and values. We tried to understand various types of learning and in the end we tried what it takes to lead our own workshop. Besides learning, during the breaks we got to know food from the participating countries. Each national team prepared their own coffee break with snacks and a short introduction of their country. We also had the time to explore the beautiful city of Antalya and the surrounding. We visited the town of Termessos, which was not conquired even by Alexander the Great. We left the project with many new experiences and also many new friendships which we hope will last as long as possible.

Here you can find pictures from the project.

Lucie Firlová


Erasmus+ in Italy (Molinterno - Itálie, May 2017)

In march of this year (2017) a group of three Czech studets, me, Anna and Jaja, attended Erasmus+ project in Italy. The project took place in Moliterno(PZ) and was named Creative Enterprise. Our main focus was on creating a realistic business plan, making realistic idea of how business works. Everyone enjoyed this project because it was entertaining.

Vojtěch Matouš


Erasmus+ in Estonia (Pärnu - Estonia, March 2017)

During the week between 5th and 13th March an Erasmus+ project "Gender - Awareness to be Aware" took place in Pärnu, Estonia. On behalf of our organization there were two participants - me and my classmate Jenda. As the title of the project hints, we were dealing mainly with "gender issues" - gender identity and equality, discrimination and oppression. The first few days were a bit rocky, because all of us came with different oppinions and had a lot of emotions that needed to come out. For the first time we got to know the fact, that some people don't agree with a binary perception of society and that some of them choose to have no gender and some of them on the other side feel like being both. We heard many different oppinions and it was a real intellectual challenge to find those we could relate with. After a few passionate discussions, our group came to a calmer state, we learned to tolerate our differences and we became not only a functional team, but also good friends. And maybe because our way to mutual friendship was a bit tough and full of emotions, the harder it was to say "goodbye". The evening programme also contributed to general well-being - pantomimical movie quiz, visiting spa and unforgettable dancing in the dark. On Wednesday we enjoyed a relaxing day, we went sightseeing in the town and had a walk on icebound Baltic see. We had an intense week full of new experiences and self-reflection that we won't forget.


Erasmus+ in High Tatras (Slovakia, November 2016)

In November 2016 six people from our organization took part in an Erasmus+ project that took place in High Tatras. It's name was "Eco-entrepreneur", so obviously the main topics we were dealing with were entrepreneurship and ecology. We discovered the opportunities young entrepreneurs have in different countries and tried to come up with our own ideas. Although the programme was quite bussy, we also found time to go walking and explore the beautiful nature. On our way to Slovakia we visited Machocha - the deepest chasm in the Czech Republic - and on the way back home we made a stop in Oswiecim.


Erasmus+ - Multipliers of ICL and ICD (Tábor, August/September 2016)

From the 27th August to 4th September 2016 we organized our second international training course for youth workers in Tábor. 28 people from 9 european countries took part in it. The topic was this time intercultural learning and designing activities for youngsters on this subject. The participants themselves were lead to question and break down their prejudices towards other cultures. There was also a practical part in which the participants had the opportunity to try what it's like to prepare educational activities for others. During the week we also made an adventurous trip to our campsite, where we enjoyed a few outdoor games and an evening by the campfire. The program also included a visit to Tábor, sauna and football. Just like last year, this project has been a big motivation for us to keep preparing new events.



Summer camps (Slavňovice, July 2016)

Just like the previous years, we managed to hold two summer camps sessions, both two weeks long. Than means we spent the entire July in our campsite having fun with the children. In August we also lended the camp to scauts.

In the first session, there were again children from Spain - two girls and a boy. Two young camp leaders also came with them and helped us with games. This means the children had a great opportunity to improve their Engish and get to know the Spanish culture a little bit closer. The topic of the whole session was Game of Thrones. The children had to protect their kingdom form the threat of Targeryens and white walkers. At the same time they competed with each other in order to win the iron throne and become the ruler of the Seven kingdoms.

The second session was as usually for younger children. But they could also try some English, because two of the Spanish leaders decided to stay with us a little bit longer. This year our topic was indians - we looked for a hidden treasure, saved a captive and made our own dream-catchers. As always, we played a lot of games, bathed in the river, went on trips... and made a lot of memories we are not gonna forget.

We hope the children enjoyed the camp at least as much as we did.



Erasmus+ "Magic of Non-Formal Learning" (Tábor, October 2015)

In October 2015 we managed to organize our first Erasmus+ project in Tábor, Czech Republic. It was a training course for youth workers named "Magic of Non-Formal Learning". Five of our camp leaders took part along with 21 youth workers from other european countries. While we were taking care of the organization and logistical support, the programme had been designed by two experienced trainers from Latvia and Romania. Not only that we learned about non-formal approach to learning and discovered a lot of new games, we also got to know a group of great people and experienced unforgettable 10 days.

Soon after the end of this project, we already started creating a new one. You can find more information in the "youth work" section.

Summer camp (Slavňovice, July 2015)

In July 2015 we organized two summer camp sessions - the first for older children and second for the smaller ones.

This year we managed to host an international summer camp for the first time, 5 children from Spain and one leader from Slovakia participated in the first session. That meant that the children had a unique opportunity practice their English and learn something new about life in other countries. We also made a trip to the nearby town Tábor, so that also the Spanish kids could get to know the Czech culture better. 

The theme of the whole session took palce in the Middle Ages, in the times of kings, knights and princesses. The children were divided into two teams and had to win games and fulfil various tasks to improve their half of the kingdom and protect it from its enemies, who were about to attack it.

The second session was designed for younger children and so it was a little bit more relaxed. We spent a lot of time swimming in the river, playing in the water and singing songs at the campfire. One day we went on a trip to a ruined castle Příběnice. This session was as well set into the Middle Ages.


Our campsite is located in South Bohemia on a bank of the river Lužnice. You can see the location here.

There are 3 cottages that serve for accommodation for the participants of our projects and one cottages, which provides us with a big kitchen. Summer camp children are usually accommodated in tents with wooden basis - Erasmus+ participants can choose this option as well, if they want to have a great outdoor experience. At the campsite, there are 3 bathrooms with showers, divided for men and women.

As the river is right next to the campsite, there is the possibility to go swimming or canoeing - we have three plastic canoes and a kayak. At the campsite, there is also a big vigwam, in which we spend the evenings and rainy days. For sunny days, we like to enjoy the trampoline and ping-pong table.

You can see pictures of the campsite and the cottages HERE.






















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