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Partners / Dumánci

Social Economy Cluster (Klaster Ekonomii Społecznej) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2013 in Lodz, Poland. The need to build Social Economy Cluster is supported both by the Polish social enterprises, as well as European governments, which handle implementation of the social economy policies at the regional and national level. They have been our pratners in several projects and the leader of the organization has been a facilitator in one of our trainings and we are currently preparing more.


Youth For Equality

YE is an organization, founded in Slovakia as a local youth initiative with the aim to realise positive changes and develop activities on local but also international level in the field of education, labour market, protection of human rights and environment for personal and proffesional development of youth and their integration into society. We have been working with them on several projects in the past and we are currently preparing more of them.

A link to their facebook.


"Kultur und Art" is a German NGO, which is involved in the Erasmus+ programme under which they create projects focusing on creativity and culture - mostly audiovisual technologies. Together we organized a project Get Your Own Picture in May 2017 and currently we are planning more youth exchanges and trainings.

Link to their website.




El Bosque

El Bosque is a non-profit association that organizes trips and adventures with teenagers, usually from Spain but also from other countries in Europe: summer camps, inter-rail, workshops, language trips... Since 2009 we have travelled with hundreds of boys and girls around Europe and America, we have visited more than 20 countries and the most importantly we have met lots of friends there.

link: http://elbosqueaventura.blogspot.cz/

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